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30 Apr 2016

Leg problems update 30th April 2016

Today 30th April 2016 Ben managed a walk around Seaton Sluice harbour.  He managed a good 2 kilometres.  We kept a slow pace, but let him have a good sniff around.

He is doing ok just a little sign of stiffness.  Hopefully if we keep on with gentle exercise and his tablets he will soon be fine.

19 Apr 2016

Leg problems Week 7 18th April 2016

Well we are into week 7 and Ben is doing ok.
We notice the occasional stiffness when he gets up and occasional limp but so far he is doing
We just cant seem to shift the weight though, despite reducing treats and using a new food
Royal Canin for neutered dogs, which we are told will help to reduce his weight.
He is having regular short walks, never off the lead as we don't want him to take off after something and undo all the repairs to his leg.
He is very happy, he is playing with his toys, enjoys seeing his friends and enjoys human visitors to the house.

17 Apr 2016

Leg problems end of week 6

Ben had one evening where he showed signs of limping.
It lasted about 4 hours and we thought it was going to start all over again.
The next day it was gone and hasn't returned up to now.
He is doing very well again.

Keep it up Ben.  x

12 Apr 2016

Leg Problems Week 6, 11th April 2016

Ben is managing 15 min walks now and he has not shown any signs of limping for a good few days.
Keeping him calm and stopping him jumping about is a main priority, and as he improves he gets more and more active.

We are monitoring his drinking habits to help us check for any side effects from the tablets, and so far all is well.

Its been a very worrying few weeks, and we are not out of the woods yet, but we are going the right way. So pleased we took the advice of the website

before we went rushing in with surgery.

7 Apr 2016

Leg problems, Week 5 - 6th April appointment with veterinary nurse

Visit to the veterinary nurse today, for weight management.

Ben has not lost any weight despite the reduction in treats.
So we are changing his diet to Royal Cannin adult food for neutered dogs

We started him on it this evening and he seems to enjoy it.  So fingers crossed this will help in his challenge to  lose some weight.

The nurse also said to stop the treats and give him bits of the main food instead so we will also  try that. We are cutting his dental sticks in half so he get one stick over the day instead of two as they are just full of fat and no nutrition.

The nurse also said it was ok to have 15 min walks at a gentle pace so this will help the weight as well as keep his muscles strong. He must stay on the lead though as if he sees a rabbit he will take off after it and then we will be back to square one.

4 Apr 2016

April 4th 2016 HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Your a super dog we all love you loads xx

Leg Problems Week 5 Sunday 3rd April 2016

Ben has had a bad day today, his leg is obviously troubling him despite the tablets being given to him every morning as prescribed.

He is still happy to see people, but limping very badly. Its not nice at all to see  him like this so we are just spending lots of time giving cuddles and good massages.

He has an appointment to see the Vet Nurse on Wednesday afternoon.