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29 May 2014

May 2014 three weeks away on holiday


We have been away for nearly three weeks, we have travelled over 1200 miles to the New Forest, Isle of Wight and Wales.  Now we are home again and I for one am pleased to be back to my old routine. It was nice getting away, but so nice to come  home to my own bed.

The New Forest
was stunning, we stayed in a lovely old hotel    It was totaly dog friendly, even dog treats in the room. Our room was overlooking the huge gardens it was perfect for me, as the door opened right onto the lovely grounds .

We had some great walks in the New Forest and there are lots of ponies running wild and even wild cattle roaming free in the village.  The area is lovely and there are loads of great places to visit.

Our hotel food was pretty good and I got loads of treats in the restaurant.

The Isle of Wight

Next we set off to the Isle of Wight, crossing the Solent in a ferry which was very good as I was able to watch out of the window and relax in the lounge with all the other dogs and people.

We stayed in a pretty village called Godshill, its near the centre of the island, and the cottage we were booked into was very good.  We had a lovely conservatory to sit in and watch all the rabbits playing in the fields.

There was lots to do here, we wanted to visit the beaches and try to find some dinosaur remains, and of course play in the sea. But mostly we wanted to meet Dads cousin Katy who he had never met before but had written to lots of times. 

We went out for a meal with her in a lovely restaurant overlooking the water, and you could see all the way to England.

 Katy, Dad, Mum and Me

 Miniature Village at Godshill


LOTS OF THATCHED COTTAGES, very pretty island

The needles, we had to climb a long steep hill to take these photos, but the views where stunning.
Well worth the climb.

After a week on the island we headed off back across the Solent on the ferry, silly me left my collar in the cottage but anyway, I now have a nice shiny new one.

Deri in South Wales, part of the Brecon Beacons was lovely.  We stayed in a fabulous cottage just outside the village up a very steep hill.  The owners Wayne and Julie were very friendly and the local people would chat all day and tell us all about the area.  The man over the road had a few horses but his favourite was so friendly he would leave her roaming around outside she was such a lovely horse.

But we weren't right at the top, we walked to the top of the hill every day for exercise and to look at the lovely views. It was so peaceful and relaxing there and we had some good weather to go with it all.  Gwern Ty Isaaf Cottage Deri

 The Brecon mountain railway was fun, a nice steam 
train trip up the hills with stunning views.

 Caerphilly Castle with its ruined and leaning tower, don't know how it stays up.

The Lord and his Hound

It was at this castle that a man and lady asked to be photographed with me, the lady thought I was lovely and so I posed for her with her arm round me, she was quite nice as well

Unfortunately it had to come to an end, we were very sorry to leave Wales and particularly the lovely people of Deri.   We hope we can come back again soon.  Gwern Ty Isaaf Cottage Deri

27 Jan 2014

January 27th 2014

Mums just booked our holidays, we are off to the Isle of Wight in Summer and I am so looking forward to it. Mum says it took ages to find the right cottage which would allow dogs in. And then she had to pay an extra £30 for me, but she says I am worth it.

Shes been looking at the websites and blog pages, she says the Island has lots of walks, and great beaches, and beaches mean water and I love water, especially the sea.  She also says there is lots of history to the island so that will be very  good.

Its Uncle Nicks birthday today, he was along here on Saturday, he dropped Morgan off as his Mum and Dad where at work. Mum and Morgan made Uncle Nick a birthday cake, they had a right mess in the kitchen, but the cake looked lovely.  Morgan cant have dairy or nuts so it was a special cake that he can eat, no eggs, no milk, no butter, poor Morgan.

15 Jan 2014

January 2014

 Happy New Year.

Its been a busy start to 2014.

The weather this year has been pretty good so far, for winter in the North East of England.  There has been some days of rain and blustery wind, but nothing too bad, although you can't say that for some part of Britain.

Seaton Sluice beach the long stretch of sand between 
Blyth and Whitley Bay, with lots of lovely sand dunes.

As it was such a lovely sunny day today (Monday 13th January) we decided to go down to the beach at Seaton Sluice. It was lovely, the sun was warm there was no wind and the sky was bright blue.

I met a friend there who seemed to like me, she was called Molly and wouldn't go back to her mum who was calling and calling for her.  Sadly she didn't seem to want to go into the water and eventually she was lead away on her leash.

I had a very good time, and a lovely swim, even though the water was so cold. I had a good wash when I got home and a rub down with the towels.  It took a while to dry off, and I was worn out for the rest of the day.