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1 Jul 2018

Spring and Summer 2018

I have been writing this blog page for 12 years, and its passed in such a flash.

April was a lovely month, it was my birthday on the 4th April.  I wasn't alone with a birthday it was Aunty Sarah's, Auntie Helens, Uncle Jim's and Lees, all the same weekend.
I was 12 years old, that's old for a big dog like me, probably the same as Uncle Jim in human years. But I am getting good food and lots of love and nice walks and regular check ups at the vet, so it all keeps me going.

 This was in May at home, when my side started to irritate and I nibbled at it too much, a trip to the vet and it was soon better, the T shirt was Dads, to stop me nibbling.  I actually quite liked it, and got very used to having it taken off and a clean one put on. This fat lump is growing all the time, its like carrying a football around but I am used to it and its not really causing a problem to me. The vet is checking it regularly so I am ok with it.  I like to lay on the stones, they are lovely and cool.

May was fun we were at the caravan a lot, I love to lay on the deck and watch the world go by.
You need to be careful with the deck in hot weather, mum went out with no shoes on and burnt her feet, she was pleased it wasn't me.  Dad watered the deck so that I could get out for a walk on the grass.

This was Ingram Valley in Northumberland, very pretty 

I got into the river for a dip, the temperatures are very high its so hot.

12 weeks and 12 years
Super photo!

This was June we had a day in Eyemouth, just over the border into Scotland. It was a treat to help cool down and give me some fun, I love the beach and the sea, we don't go to the beach much now, I always end up rather stiff and struggling. Its hard to resist having a good run, my mind wants to my legs wont let me.

I have a nice new ramp now to get into and out of the car, its great and it saves mum and dad getting a bad back from helping me  in and out.

Oh and mums joined the Canine Arthritis Management group on Facebook, she is getting lots of tips on their and good advice about caring for my joints.

Well its getting near tea time, and I have a rumbling tummy so I will just go and remind them.
Looking forward to reading some of your replies.

24 Feb 2018

A quick look back over the years how Ben has changed.

Don't know which one I was in that bunch.

March 2006

 My first day  in my new home

February 2018 Update, Arthritis and lumps

I am doing pretty good. I am getting out and about every day.
I still have this lump, its quite big but its not stopping me.
The vet checked me over recently, her name was Sarah, she was very nice. She suggested I took pain killers now to help with the stiffness in my back legs caused by probably arthritis.
Gosh it takes some time to get up from sleeping, and sometimes I get a bit stuck and have to have help to turn over. I am not left alone very much so there is always someone to help me. It is not stopping me going out, still love my walks along the cliff tops and along Holywell Dene.  We take it slowly and of course there is always someone to talk to so I take advantage of the pit stop and have a lye down.

We had just a little bit of snow last month, didn't last long.

Dried off and tired after a nice walk 

 Our view from our morning walk, St Marys Island looks quite strange in this light

23 Oct 2017

October 2017

I am doing pretty well, a bit slower than I used to be, but still enjoying life.
Some time ago I got a fatty lump on my side it was quite small and the vet checked it out, and it was just fat, nothing to worry about.  Also have some arthritis in my back legs, just the joys of growing old I suppose.

Anyway the fat lump turned into the size of an orange, and now a melon. Its quite big and recently I got a bite or a sting on it and the itch was getting on my nerves.  I got bathed regularly with special lotion and took some antibiotics for a week, its cleared up now so I just have the lump again.

We are spending more time at the caravan up in Wooler, its nice there, we overlook the river and there are lots of other dogs there and lots of places to wander about.

Just Lion in the shade 

You can see my fat side from here, but I am managing very well.
The vet says I am compensating for it, and not walking sideways.

One of our walks to the sea front

Well this morning  I managed to persuade Mum to take me for a swim
It was a lovely morning and the sun was warm, but the water was cold.

 we love the sea front and the lovely Collywell Bay

 This is Lovely Lottie a very special friend of mine x

The caravan overlooks the river, its very nice here, 
and I have lots of doggy friends.