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22 Jun 2019

The Empty Dog Bed

April 17th 2019 was the day Ben passed away, 2 long moths without him. I love to think he is running free with his friends over a rainbow bridge somewhere. His passing was the most awful thing we have gone through. It is taking time to get over him, and we will never forget our sweet Ben. His soft hair and his fun ways.

The house is so still and empty and quiet without him. He was such a good dog, loving, sweet natured and kind. I don't get a clogged vacuum, I miss his hand fulls of hair. The splashes up the walls where is shakes and rubs himself.

It was hard to talk about in the beginning, but we are slowly being able to discuss him, and to remember all his little quirks.

We have decided we will have another dog, I think Ben would approve.  The dog would not replace Ben, and he/she would never be the same, Ben was one in a million. But we have a lot to offer another dog. I have looked on the internet for a rescue dog, there are so many out there all looking for forever homes. Its going to be a difficult search, but I am sure there will be a dog out there somewhere.

Love you Ben

20 Apr 2019

Bens life in pictures

Born 4th April 2006 in Brittany France a tiny black dog 

1 of 11 in the litter Aged just 10 weeks

With his 10 brothers and sisters

I think he must be amongst the most photographed dogs. 
This is a shortened version of his life, mostly in pictures.

Arrived in his new forever family May 2006 
in Brittany France.

We thought we had obtained a little black Labrador

He was eager to learn and please 

Ben had his stupid moments 

In fact he had many, many stupid moments.

He didn't get the hang of walking to heel for some time.
Especially when he got his eyes on his Dad.
This was a regular walk along the canal in Brittany where we lived.

He had his own passport and travelled regularly 

to England, Scotland and other areas of Europe.

This was as walk along the river by the Humber Bridger,
we were staying with my sister and family Ben thought it was water he was getting into, 
and it was the most smelly sticky mud ever.

Sorry Jen and Dick for the stinky animal who had to travel home in your car. 

At Home 

 Watching for Brian coming home, and spying on the neighbours

Ben didn't like to be too far from Brian. 
Along the canal in Brittany.

Cruising along the Canals. 

He liked to be comfortable 
and this is about the time when we 
realised he wasn't a black Labrador

He loved life, running and playing he loved people and other dogs.

and he was up for anything any time.

  Back in England when he first saw snow.
He spent ages hunting the snowballs we threw, Silly dog 

He looked so handsome even when he was covered in snow

 This was 2010 when we moved back to England and it was the worst snow for years.
Ben just loved it.

He hated gun shots and fireworks

Ben loved to travel, 
and he loved water, any water.
Some of the places he visited.

The Northumberland coast, in April 2010 Druridge Bay

 The Isle of Skye

Near Loch Ness
The chef here fell in love with him, he gave him steak for his dinner.

Seaton Sluice almost a daily walk after we moved back to England

Plessy Woods near Morpeth

 Walk to Blyth and back, Ben did the whole walk some 2 or 3 miles in the sea.

We walked back along the path so we could dry him off.

In the sea at Cullercoats with Connor

Crossing on the ferry to the Isle of Wight
I know what he was thinking,   Swimming ?

Isle of Wight holiday,  back in the sea

Caerphilly Castle 
Managed to stay out of the moat, 

It was here that a young man asked if he could take a  photo of his wife  with Ben.
I wonder what they did with it 

Walking in Deri in Wales
Not much water here for swimming

Visiting the Selkies in Scotland 

 Near Grasmere, Cumbria

The Lake District 
Back in the water this time at Coniston Lake with Connor

Seaton Sluice I think he liked you to paddle with him. 
He would always shake himself next to you, perhaps to make sure you where wet as well.

We just knew he was going to go in, he couldn't stop himself.

Holywell Dene another regular walk and dip.

Kielder Reservoir on holiday with Honey 
Ben loved to have another dog to play with.


A walk along Newcastle Quay side, no dip in the water this time.

Baurton on the Water where he managed to have a paddle 

A little town called Slaughter, which was lovely 

Kirriemuir in Scotland enjoying the views 

A visit to a castle near Kirriemuir, no water here for me to plodge in.

Looking after Connor when he broke his arm

And the time he stood on some glass, he was very brave.

Leazes Park in Newcastle 

Ben was lovely with younger pups.

Meeting Buddy a new best friend.

And then Minnie

He enjoyed Culture 
as long as there was a walk and some water.

Somewhere between Seaton Delaval and Cramlington 
An art trail, very nice walk.

Nice walk with Bens good friends.

Druridge Bay

A pub in Scotland named after Ben ?  we didn't name Ben after a pub.

Fort William, Scotland

Typical walk on the beach at Seaton Sluice.

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