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25 Jun 2011

A bad experience June 22nd 2011

Mum and me went for a long walk today.  We went through the Dene and up the track towards Earsdon.

We were having  a really nice walk when suddenly a small dog cam running out from the trees barking and snarling at me.  I thought he would stop, but then two other larger dogs came from the same place also snarling and barking at me.  And then another dog, and then I lost count, as I was so worried.  They were snapping and snarling at me and I don't know why.

I am not an aggressive dog, I like everyone and I don't like fighting.

Mum tried to stop them going for me, and she shouted at them to go away.  Then their owners came along and called them back.  It took them a while but in the end they stopped.

I was really frightened and they did hurt me  I was so pleased when they stopped.

When we got home Mum and Dad looked me all over, I had a nasty bite on my back.

It is healing quite nicely now and I am over the attack, but I hope it never happens again.

It was not a good day I don't think people should have dogs they cant control, and especially not when there are lots of them together.  I hope we don't bump into them again.

18 Jun 2011

18th June 2011

Its Mums birthday today, she had a bit of a lye in this morning.  We had a good walk through the Dene and met some of my old friends.  Black Labrador, Spaniel and others. It started to rain so we came home and did some house work.  We have just had a new roof put on the conservatory, the old one was leaking quite badly. I am pleased they changed it as I often sleep on the couch in there, and the rain sometimes dripped on me.  Mum and Dad cleaned it all up and put the furniture back and its really nice now. 

It was very sad yesterday, the men came to fit the new roof, they should have been here on Thursday but they asked if they could come on Friday instead as the senior man had to take his dog to the vet.  It was very sad.  He told us his dog was only 6 years old, and they had been out the night before playing with the children and everything was well.  Then on Thursday morning poor dog, I don't know his name, couldn't  walk.  His back legs were paralysed and he couldn't move.  His dad took him to the vet, but they didn't think they would be able to return him back to 100%.  Then they told him it was to be £1500 for just the scan.  The poor man, and his poor dog, we cant believe how it must feel.  Sadly the dog had to be put to sleep.  We thought this was just too much, I tried to be nice to him, I didn't fuss about him too much, but I did give him a nice lick and a good tail wag.

Nicks been along today to bring Mam here birthday present, and the phone has never stopped ringing.  I heard Connor singing happy birthday on the phone, they live in Scotland so it was too far to come for a day.  He is a good singer.

We have just had a lovely dinner and some birthday cake. Its pouring with rain now and the conservatory roof seems to be doing OK, Dad keeps looking around, just to check, it seem that I can sleep in here again with no drips on my head.