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7 Apr 2016

Leg problems, Week 5 - 6th April appointment with veterinary nurse

Visit to the veterinary nurse today, for weight management.

Ben has not lost any weight despite the reduction in treats.
So we are changing his diet to Royal Cannin adult food for neutered dogs

We started him on it this evening and he seems to enjoy it.  So fingers crossed this will help in his challenge to  lose some weight.

The nurse also said to stop the treats and give him bits of the main food instead so we will also  try that. We are cutting his dental sticks in half so he get one stick over the day instead of two as they are just full of fat and no nutrition.

The nurse also said it was ok to have 15 min walks at a gentle pace so this will help the weight as well as keep his muscles strong. He must stay on the lead though as if he sees a rabbit he will take off after it and then we will be back to square one.