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24 Feb 2018

February 2018 Update, Arthritis and lumps

I am doing pretty good. I am getting out and about every day.
I still have this lump, its quite big but its not stopping me.
The vet checked me over recently, her name was Sarah, she was very nice. She suggested I took pain killers now to help with the stiffness in my back legs caused by probably arthritis.
Gosh it takes some time to get up from sleeping, and sometimes I get a bit stuck and have to have help to turn over. I am not left alone very much so there is always someone to help me. It is not stopping me going out, still love my walks along the cliff tops and along Holywell Dene.  We take it slowly and of course there is always someone to talk to so I take advantage of the pit stop and have a lye down.

We had just a little bit of snow last month, didn't last long.

Dried off and tired after a nice walk 

 Our view from our morning walk, St Marys Island looks quite strange in this light