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9 Feb 2010

January 2010 - A NEW YEAR ALREADY

Well its been along time since I had any time to write on my blog, so its going to take some catching up.

The reason, well we have been away in England for a few weeks over the Christmas, and what adventures we had while we were there.

This isnt the first time I have been to England, we were there last year as well for Christmas, its great fun seeing all the family. 

Once again we took the Channel Tunnel, Dad says it better for me as I can stay with them all the time, if we were to take the ferry I would have to stay in the car and thats no fun for me, especially since I am scared of loud noises, and apparantly the car deck on the ferry is very noisy.

Anyway we had a good trip up to Calais, took about 4 hours and we got onto the Channel Tunnel Train in good time, we checked in at the dog passport office where I got a drink of water and a nice tickle of the officer.  Then we drove on to check the car in at security and customs. Once on the train, it only takes 30 minutes through the tunnel.

We were soon at Aunty Jen and Uncle Dicks and there was my best friend Poppy waiting for me.
Sam was also there, but he isnt as much fun as Poppy.  We had a lovely couple of days here, we walked the canals and fields and I saw some snow, not much but it was funny this white stuff coming down from the sky.
Poppy and me had lots of time to catch up, but all too soon it was time to head off to see Nan in Tynemouth.
The part I like best is going in to see Nan in her bedroom first thing in the morning, she is usually awake, and I get lots of fuss,  but sometimes she is still asleep and I get to lick her and wake her up, she laughs at this.

From Nans house in December 2009

Tynemouth is right on the coast and there are great beaches where I get to run and play with loads of other dogs its a great place to be.

Nan was ever so pleased to see us, she is a very remarkable person, she is nearly 90 years old, I dont think I will ever be that old, but she is so active and she loves me to bits.  Nothing much had changed much in the house since the last time we were there, it was still warm and cosy mum calls this home as she had lived there since she was 5 years old.

We had a lovely evening with Nan and caught up on all the news, over the next few days we visited all the relatives and we went along to see the new baby Morgan.  He had grown since the first time I saw him, instead of lying in his pram he was crawling about on the floor, ever so fast he was, I was a bit worried about him, particularly when he banged me on the head with a plastic train, I dont know why he did that, I suppose it was just because he was a baby, he didnt know any better.

We had a nice Christmas day at Enids, Enid and Paul have a pekinese dog, she is called Angel and is very small and very fluffy, she is alright but I have to be carefull as she is so tiny, I dont want to hurt her.

We went up to Edinburgh to see Sarah and Mike and Connor and Lee, that was fun, as it was really deep snow, I had never seen it so deep.  It was great fun, Lee threw loads of snowballs for me to chase it was hillarious, and I loved to dig my face into the snow and come out all white.

Aunty Sarah got her car stuck!

Unfortunately Mam and Dad got colds which turned to flu, and hey spent about 10 days feeling very poorly, we only went out to do the shopping or for my walks, so we missed out on a lot of fun this year.  We did manage to go and buy a new car which I think Dad loves, I think its ok.

Dads new car - he's called 'Heavy Joe'

All too soon it was time to go back home to France, and we headed off back to see Poppy on the way home.  The roads were very snowy and Dad was a bit worried about the journey as the news on TV said that travelling was dangerous.  But we made it all right and by the time we got to Folkstone the roads were clear and it was easy going.

We were sad to leave but we had to return as there were people coming to buy our house, we have all decided to return to England to live so that we can see our family all the time.  We are all looking forward to that.