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3 Apr 2010

April 2010 - I AM FOUR

Its my birthday  I will be 4 years old, the poster in the vets office says thats about 38 in human years.

Its only one day to go before my birthday tomorrow 4th April 2010
The weather forcast is not looking good for my birthday so we have taken a decision to go for a birthday treat walk today.

We are going to the Isle of Pies, which is not too far from our house, its a lovely part of the river and Isle of Pies means Island of Magpies, its an island in the middle of the river. On either side of the river are lovely walks, and places where people can climb rocks and there is also a place to hire boats.

The sun was shining as we got out of the car and wondered down to the river. There was a large cruiser boat moored at the pontoon, one of the first of this seasons tourists out on the river. Mam and Dad where ambling along talking and I was just having a look around when suddenly I felt myself sinking fast into water. It reminded me of when I fell in the lake all those years ago. Soon I was starting to go back up towards the top of the water, I could see Mam and Dad looking into the water, they looked pretty worried. The current was running fast as we have had a lot of rain and I was starting to drift away.

Soon my head was out of the water and I could see Mums hand reaching out to me, trying to grab my collar. The pontoon was a long way up, Dad had to help her to drag me out I was pretty scared.

I got onto the pontoon and had a good shake, Mam shouted at me "wait" but it was too late, she was drenched, she had laid on the pontoon to reach me and her sleeve was wet from grabbing me, but now she was soaked from all the water I had just sprayed on her.

She used Dads hanky to dry herself off, and as it was sunny and warm she managed to still have a long walk with us.

I did get a fright, but about half an hour later I was starting to forget about it and managed to dip my feet into the water further down the river.

I still dont know how I managed to fall in.

Anyway thats todays story, I dont know what surprises are in store for my birthday tomorrow