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13 Jun 2010

May to June 2010

Its a long time since I wrote in my diary.  Its been a very busy few weeks.  The house is up for sale and there have been lots of people viewing it.  Linda (who I like) comes along quite often with people who want to live here, some are French and some are English.  I know this as I can understand both languages, having been born French and living with English people.

Anyway the house sold with no problems, and now everything is packed up again.  I was a bit worried at this time, but I saw my bed going into the removal van so I considered that I was going with them.  The van took all our things away and we had nothing but an empty house.

Mum and Dad cleaned it all through and cut the grass and gave it a general tidy up.  Then we set off to a cottage in the Loire where we were to stay for a couple of weeks while all the paperwork was sorted.

The cottage was very nice, we could walk to the river so I had some nice swims there, we found a  nice restaurant nearby overlooking the river and went there a couple of times.  There was a retriever there called Maximum who I got quite friendly with, he lived there all the time, which is probably why he looked a bit overweight, he got lots of food off people.

At the cottage there where 4 other dogs, all females and they wouldnt leave me alone, I wasnt interested in any of them, I think they where a bit of show offs as they could do jumps and agility things.  I cant and to be honest I dont want to, cant see the point of it myself I prefer to swim.

Anyway we set off in the car early one morning and came to England through the Tunnel,  and here we are back in the North East.  Its nice here, lots of places to walk and lots of great beaches, we have walked miles already and met some great Geordie dogs.

We are staying at Nans at the moment, and i think she likes us being there, she gives me lots of cuddles and I like to sit beside her.  We have found a house we like near Holywell Dene in Whitley Bay so we are looking forward to moving in.  Mum and Dad like it as it is nice and cosy but spacious and very close to the Dene.
We hope to be in there by the end of July and then I will start my new life for proper as an English dog.

Will write some more soon