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20 Nov 2010

November 2010 - WORKMEN IN THE HOUSE

Tuesday morning we where up at the crack of dawn, and I mean dawn. It was hardly even light when the alarm went off.  We all got up and Mam and Dad started moving furniture and putting ornaments and things out of the way.  It was a bit like when we where moving house, the place started to look empty. 

Then a van pulled up outside and a man came to the door.  Well I gave him a good barking at, I had never seen him before.  Mam told me not to worry and she invited him in. I got a nice ear rub off him, this looked like it was going to be ok.

Soon another man arrived, and together, they quickly took over the garage, with their tools and boxes, pipes and other things. 

They went through the house and took all the radiators off the walls and took them away. They drilled holes in the walls and made lots of noise. I followed them around, all the time getting tickles and strokes, I didnt like the noise to much but it was ok.

Then lunch time arrived. They sat in the kitchen with their sandwiches, one had ham and the other had chicken, and they smelled lovely.  I worked hard on my 'I am so hungry' and 'please feel sorry for me' looks.

Normally I can get a snack by using my eyes. First, I drop my head and look up longingly with big staring eyes. Blast, nothing forthcoming. Hmm, I thought, that normally works, I must be losing my touch. I decided that the 'Ben would love to share your food dance' was needed.  This dance is a sure thing for getting a treat or a tit-bit. 

I start by sitting on the floor making sure I am facing all the people who are eating and that they can see me very clearly.  Then I drop my head low and raise my eyes upwards, the feel sorry for me look, then I carefully move my front paws in short shuffly moves side ways to the left and to the right.  This gives me a very small movement, but just enough to attract attention.  If this still dosen't work then a very small whimper is sometimes needed. I think they were so busy talking it took the whimper to clinch it.

It worked, yummy, from that day on I shared their lunches each day in the kitchen. In fact I think they brought extra for me.

It took them only 4 days to complete the work,  I missed my lunch breaks after that, back to chew sticks instead. Oh well, never mind, I understand its better for me to stick to dog food, Mum says I am getting a bit podgy.

The house is nice and warm and back to normal, and its nice to sleep by the radiators after a long walk in the snow.

Looking forward now to the next workmen to arrive, hope they have good sandwiches.