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28 Nov 2010

December 2010 - SNOW TIME

The other day I came downstairs, went outside in the garden and my feet disapeared.  What a fright, I thought it was a bit bright outside, but I must have still been half asleep I didnt notice that everything was white.  I snuffled around to see what was going on, it seemed all right.  I heard afterwards that this was called snow, and it comes to Britain every year around Christmas time.  I remember something like this in France, but not as deep and not as much, in France where I used to live it just came down, made the road look white for a few hours then went away.

This is just great

I was a little worried that I wouldn't get a walk that day because of this snow, as Mam and Dad didnt seem too happy about it.  But I was wrong, soon after breakfast we all got ready, boots and coats, scarves and gloves, (except me, I didnt need anything extra) and off we went for a walk.

I just could not contain my excitement, it was great fun, a bit like being on the beach in the sand.  I got into trouble a bit for pulling on the lead, but I couldnt help it, I just wanted to get to the Dene and play. 

Snowball Searching

Well today we woke up to find it has been snowing again and its really deep now, even I found it hard to walk in. Anyway we have been out for a walk this morning, it was still snowing when we went but that didn't matter, not to me anyway.

As soon as I was off my lead that was it, I was off, rolling and jumping and running through the snow, its great fun.  It was very deep in places, it went right up to the top of my legs, bit chilly on the underbelly bits but great fun.
Snowball Catching

My favourite game now is snowballs, I can catch them when Mam and Dad throw them at me, they make sure they are soft though, don't want any broken teeth.  Sonetimes they throw them so I can chase them, and this is great fun, the funny thing is I can never find them but I enjoy the chase, and the search.

Dad says watch out for the yellow snow, I think I know what he means, he can be a bit rude at times.

When I get home we have to pick the lumps of snow out of my feet and face and I have to get a good towel down and a brush.

Its nice and sunny now, although the snow is still deep on the roads. Mam says the snow should start to melt, they have cleared the path and uncovered the car and they say they hope that will be the end for a while,  This has been one of my best walks ever, and I am sorry but I am wishing for lots more snow.

Takes a bit of clearing off my fur