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2 Dec 2010

December 2010 - MY NEW COAT

I had a lazy start to the day today, just couldn't seem to wake up.

Eventually I managed to drag myself away from the settee and we went for a walk into Seaton Delaval, it takes us about half an hour to walk there. Its a nice walk along the main street through the village and we normally meets lots of other people and other dogs.

It was nice when we set off, but it started to snow pretty bad, I was well soaked. And to be honest even I didn't really enjoy the walk home in the blizzard, it hurt my eyes a bit.

Anyway most of the other dogs had nice coats on,they looked really cosy. So on the way back we popped into Carltons the big pet shop, and I got a new coat.

I wore in on the way home and it kept me nice and warm and dry. Now I wear it each time we go out, I like it.

Today we went for a walk along the Dene and I met my friend Charlie and he had the exact same coat on.

Here are some photos from our walk along the Dene.

Well its snowing again so I think its time to relax now.