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3 Jan 2011

December 10th 2010 SAM AND POPPY COME TO VISIT

I could not believe my eyes, there in the front garden was Sam and Poppy, it seemed like ages since I had seen them.  I must have forgotten they where coming, or perhaps no one told me but there they where.  They had come to take Ollie on the train to see Santa.

Ollie and Santa

The Santa Express in North Shields

I should explain who Ollie is. Ollie is my Auntie Jens grandson, he is only three and such a cutie.  I like children, they always give me tickles or spare biscuits.  And, I have managed to train them all to understand. That when I sit in the kitchen and look at the cupboard with big sad eyes, they go into the cupboard and get me a chew stick.  Works every time.

We had some fun in the snow that weekend.  Poppy, Sam and me we all walked up the Dene each morning and night and had some great fun getting pretty muddy. So muddy that we had to be washed in the garage before we could get into the house.

Sadly it was only a short visit but we did have some fun while they where here. I am so looking forward to seeing them soon.