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15 Jan 2011


Well the snow has gone and the weather is getting much warmer. Mum and Dad hope it's going to stay like this for some time.  I am not so worried as I like the snow, but I also like the dry clear days when we can go onto the beach at Seaton Sluice and that's when I have lots of fun with all the other dogs.

We were going to go to the beach last weekend, but in the middle of the night I suddenly felt pretty ill.  I woke Mam up and she stroked my head and ears. That normally makes me feel good, but this time it didn't. I had never felt like this before, my mouth was all watery and I had to keep licking my lips and little whimpers kept coming from my mouth.

I really felt poorly, and Mum realised that something was very wrong.  She took me downstairs and let me outside for some fresh air.  I wandered round the garden and the cool night air did make me feel a little better.  We sat in the kitchen for a while and I had a little drink of water.  After a while Mum said we should go back to bed.  I followed her upstairs and lay down at the side of the bed. 

I managed to get some sleep. But I don't think I had been asleep very long when I started to feel very strange again, and I was very sick.  I felt pretty bad about it as I made such a mess on the bedroom floor.  Mum took me outside while Dad cleared up the mess.  I had another nice drink and the fresh air made me feel much better. 

We all sat together in the kitchen, Mum and Dad had a cup of tea while they stroked my head and soon I did feel a lot better. 

I heard Mum and Dad talking about what could have made me so ill.  They seem to think it had been something that I have found outside and eaten.  I can't think why as when I find things outside they normally taste quite nice, and anyway it is the first time I have been poorly like this.

I will keep a close watch in future, and Mum and Dad say they are going to tell me off if they see me eating things, and they may even have to keep me on the lead when we are outside.  I can't have that I love running around off the lead.

We never did get to the beach last week, as a day or so later it was raining and too wet to go on the beach.  Never mind I am sure we will go soon.