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28 Jan 2011

Its been a busy noisy week - Jan 27th

This week Dad has been busy in the kitchen, what a mess he has been making. But the mess isn't the problem to me, its the noise of the drill.  He has changed all the kitchen cupboards and taken out a ventilator which was broken.  He says that this weekend I have to be good, and stay out of the way as a plasterer is coming to make the walls nice and smooth.

They have moved my water and dinner dishes into the conservatory so they don't get dust in them. I keep forgetting where they are.

Today Mam and me went along to Nans to get out of the way and to have a chat with Nan for a while.  I like Nan she gives me lots of hugs and tickles. 

We spent an hour there and then we all went for a walk up to the shops, Nan needed some milk.  We met lots of her friends on the way.  It was a nice walk out, the weather was nice and sunny, and it was a nice afternoon for us all.

When we got back Dad had finished most of the work and now the kitchen is all ready for the plasterer tomorrow.  I just hope this is the end of it. I don't like this mess and noise.