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3 Jan 2011

Christmas December 2010

December 2010 it has been a very snowy white winter up to now.  When the snow is on the ground its very pretty and bright. I also think it seems very quiet. We go out every morning and night, even in the snow we have our regular walks. 

I have met a new friend called Jake, he lives along the lane next to the Dene and he is one of my best buddies

Then came Christmas, I love this time of year its a lovely busy and bustling time, with lots of things going on. The postman delivered to the house more often with all the cards and parcels. This means I bark at the window more often, unfortunately that means I got into trouble more often. I don't mean to upset him, but he always manages to creep up on me when I am asleep in front of the window.

I knew Christmas was very close when the Christmas tree came out of the cupboard and was set up in the corner of the room. Then the lights came out, and that's when the trouble started.  The first set just wouldn't work.  The next set was the same, then Dad found another set which looked OK, but had French plugs on.  French plugs only have two pins on them so they are not much good in the UK.  Dad found some English plugs and changed them and soon the tree was all finished and looking pretty good.

The week before Christmas Nan came to stay, her central heating kept going off and she was getting fed up with it.  She was due to come for Christmas anyway so she just came early.  I like Nan as she spends a lot of time stroking me and playing with me, and she lets me lay beside her on the settee.

On Christmas morning the house smelt delicious, I spent most of the morning in the kitchen.   
I got a lovely new chew bone from Dads' Sister, its really nice.  I couldn't find anywhere to hide it though.

Uncle Nick and Auntie Kelly came with Bethany and Morgan.  Morgan was straight under the tree to see what the parcels where.  He soon had them open, and it wasn't long before there where toys all over the floor again.  We had a lovely Christmas dinner, the turkey I managed to scrounge was just perfect.

Bethany and Nick set up the WII  game on the television and we all had fun watching her doing all sorts of things with it, and then some of us tried to copy her.

That night after Nick and Kelly, Bethany and Morgan had gone home, Nan, Dad, Mam and me had a quiet evening in front of the telly. 
Yes I do like Christmas.