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20 Jan 2011


Today we had a special event.  A new member of our family, I haven't met him yet.  I am told I have to wait until he has had all his injections.

This is Buddy, he is Auntie Kathrine and Uncle Chris's new Chocolate Labrador.  He looks lovely and I am really looking forward to meeting him.

Dad says he is only a few inches tall, but will soon grow to be as big as me.  I hope he doesn't grow any bigger than me, and I think Auntie Kathrine thinks the same.

Uncle Chris is one of my favourite Uncles, he calls me Slinky, I don't know why, Mum says its because I have a wiggly bottom.  Uncle Chris always gives me lots of treats and tickles when I see him. 

Well I am looking forward to having lots of walks on the beach with them all.  And it will be great fun to have  Buddy to play with.

They say that at the moment, Buddy just wants to sleep as he is just a baby, all his growing is making him tired.  Poor Buddy.

Hurry up Buddy and get some energy so we can run along Tynemouth beach together. I can teach you to swim as well.  I can't wait.