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16 Jan 2011

Saturday 15th January I WAS SO SAD, NO POPPY

My Auntie Jen is up visting Nan, she drove up from Lincoln.  When I heard she was coming along I thought great, I can play with Poppy, but I was so disapointed. Jen had come alone and Poppy and Sam had been left at home with Uncle Dick.

Anyway it was nice to see her, and she gave me some dog biscuits she had in her pocket. 

Uncle Nick and Morgan also called in.  Morgan is getting bigger now, he is also getting smart.  He manages to stop me pinching his snacks.  He has learnt to say NO to me and squeezes his hands tight to stop me getting the biscuits.

Oh well I will just have to think of another way to get him to part with his treats.  He is good fun to play with though, he chases me round the table.