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3 Jan 2011

NEW YEAR December 2010 January 2011

Gosh we have had a busy couple of weeks.  Nan was here for Christmas and stayed for a while but she had to go home. 

We had lots of visitors for coffees, or dinners and we had a lot of fun.  We had a couple of walks along the sea front and a run on the sand dunes.  It was cold but nice.  I wasn't allowed in the sea, it was too rough.

New Year came round pretty quickly.  Auntie Sarah and Uncle Mike came down and brought Connor and their new dog called Sky. 

Sky is a 14 week old Great Dane.  Before they came I heard mam say she must keep the benches clear as she would probably be able to reach everything.  I thought this was a little odd, I can't reach the benches and I am nearly 5 years old.

When she did arrive I was quite bemused, she was only little. Smaller than me anyway.  But they say she will be very big soon.

She came bouncing in like a little whirlwind.

We had a lovely afternoon and evening.  We went along the Dene with Sky, she hasn't been out much as she is very young and has been waiting for her inoculations. 

She has lots of energy even after a long walk when I prefer a sleep, she keeps going. I tried to hide from her, but she struggled along the back of the settee and sneaked up behind me, what a tinker she is.

She managed to take my place on the settee.

We had a good time together, she is a nice dog and I am sure she will be a little  less tiresome to me when she returns.  I know how Sam feels now when Poppy and me play.

Connor played with me a lot, he is growing up now, he will be 7 years old this year.  He told us all about his Christmas presents, and the snow they have in Scotland. 

Poor Connor fell down on the ice when we where out walking, but he is alright, no major injuries.  He is in this picture reading our blog page.

Well Christmas and New Year is over now, and the decorations are back in the boxes till next year.  I am looking forward to a good 2011, this year I will be five years old in April.