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7 Jan 2012

Saturday 7th January 2012 Aching limbs

I had a pretty bad night last night, just couldn't get myself comfy.  Then this morning, I couldn't stretch my head down far enough to get my drink of milk.

Mum and Dad are a bit worried, We went for a nice walk along the beach and the run along the sands has helped to loosen my joints.

It was a lovely day, there where loads of people and dogs on the beach we had a lovely time.  

Then it was off to Nan's to see how she is doing, and make sure she has all she needs.  We were there quite a while for a chat and a cup of tea.

After that it was off to the pet shop, we got tablets for my joints, and a new dish with a stand so I don't have to stretch my neck to eat and drink, I also got some special treats.  I like this shop, its huge and I can walk around and help to chose what I need. Lots of other dogs in there shopping ans well.

Nice brush down tonight and a rest, hope all this helps me to keep active.

My new drinking and eating bowls

Yes this makes things much easier