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29 Oct 2012

Its been a while since we wrote. October 2012

Its been quite a while since we wrote anything on here. I feel sad and ashamed that I have let it lapse for so long.  However hopefully we are getting back into the swing of things and I shall endeavour to keep the blog up to date.

Well, I have been fine, still loving living by the sea, and the chances to go swim in the north sea.  And Plessey Woods, which isn't far from us. Its a great place for a wonder and a dip in the rive. (although mum and dad are a little worried about this woodland virus which is effecting dogs, so I think we are staying on the beach and fields for a while just in case).


 Bit of a Struggle to get out 


We have been pretty busy lately, mainly due to some illness and other things that effect our lives.
Dads lovely sister Doreen died just before Christmas, it was very sad.  She was such a lovely lady, and I always got a custard cream off her when we visited.

She had lung cancer, Dad says it was from smoking.  Mum says she has never met a nicer lady and she was so kind and thoughtful and she will be missed so much but remembered forever.  Mum and Dad still mention her name very often, and I miss going to her house.

Nan, mums mam, was diagnosed with Alzheimers early this year, and its taking a bit of a toll on the family.  There is a lot more to do, however the family are sticking together and we are doing all we can to make sure she is happy and safe.  She loves me to come along, and she forgets she has given me treats and she gives me some more.  Mum says we should never argue with her so I just eat them.

Mum has got some form of Arthritis, which is causing pain in her knees and shoulders, she says its a pain in the bum and she hasn't got time for it.  Never mind she says, keep taking the tablets.

I have also got problems with my joints, must be my age, I am nearly seven now.  Or it could be all that freezing cold water in the North sea.  Anyway apart from getting me a supplement for my joints, they have only gone and changed the car to an estate model so I can get in and out more easily.  I guess they love me a lot.