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30 Mar 2013

2013 Easter Weekend March

Once again its been a long time since anything has been written here.

We have had a really busy few months, Dad has been poorly with a hacking cough. Probably all this cold wet weather.  And Nan has been poorly as well.

She had a fall on the night of Halloween, and the paramedics came out to her.
She was fine but very shaken, and since then she has lost her confidence and doesn't want to be alone especially at night.

We tried to help her get back to normal and the local council tried to help, they put all sorts of equipment into her house to make her safe.

Anyway none of it helped, and in November she had a fall and a stroke and despite being 93, and having a really bad stroke she is doing pretty much ok.

On Christmas Eve she moved into Coble House Care Home in Cullercoats.
She has a lovely room with her own bathroom, and a view down the road to the sea.

She shares a lovely lounge with other residents and has made some good friends.

She is still confused, and has many health problems but she loves to see me.

Me and Nan at the home 

Connor came with us last time, Nan is so pleased to see him

This is her room, its very nice.

Well we go there as often as possible, and at lease once a week. She loves to see me and I get lots of tickles, but I also get fusses of most of the other residents as well, they are getting to know me now and I get biscuits of the staff.  Its a lovely home, just like visiting her in her own house, but with more people about.

She had her 93rd birthday there last week, mind she isn't the oldest resident one lady is 102.

Nan seems happy to have lots of company, she is warm, well fed and well cared for.

We are going there this afternoon.