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6 Sep 2013


Its been a long and lovely summer. The UK has had lots of sunshine, and plenty of dry days. This is lovely apart from when you have a long black fur coat which you can't hang up in the cupboard.

I get a good brushing every day to get rid of all the lose hair, and a dip in the sea as often as possible, this was a lovely day with Connor while Mum was visiting Nan in the home.  Nan has become too poorly for Connor to visit so we went down on the beach which is only a couple of minutes walk from the care home.

Connor loves the beach and the sea and is nearly as good a swimmer as I am. It was lovely and cool in there.

A chat with the donkeys behind our house on one of our walks, they are very friendly and love their ears tickled.

We have had lots of visitors this year, many of the family have been and stayed a while then gone again, its nice having them around.


Mums been knitting toys these are to raffle or sell for the care home comforts fund. This is a topsy turvy doll.

Morgan has been along and made some cakes for us, very nice.  Poor Morgan has lots of allergies so its better to make his own cakes and biscuits.

Plenty of fun over the school holidays.