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16 May 2011

Fort William Holiday May 2011

We have just come back from Fort William on the West Coast of Scotland.  We watched the weather forecast for a few weeks before we went and it all looked very good. 

When we got most of the way there, we had to drive through a torrential rain and thunder storm,  I really don't like the thunder.
By the time we arrived the weather was lovely and the cottage we had booked was very nice as well. The cottage was just outside Fort William and the lady who owned it was very nice.

The first thing we did was go for a walk round to see just where we were.  We walked to the top of the hill and we could see Ben Nevis, one of the very highest mountains in Great Britain.

Ben Nevis in the background

It was a steep walk, but the views at the top where worth it.  This is Loch Linne,

These lochs are at Fort Willliam they are called Neptunes Staircase

It rained a bit the next day when we were walking round Fort Willliam, but we found a very interesting pub named after me I think.

I am not sure who this chap was, but he was still there when we left a week later.


The Commandos monument near to Fort Augustus, this is in a lovely place overlooking the glens where they trained.

This huge ship was going through staircase lochs into Loch Ness.

A nice swim in the loch

This was the Isle of Skye, a very pretty place to visit.
And another good swim, I do love the water.

A very cloudy view from the top of the hill in Fort William

We all managed to go out for a meal, it was Mam and Dads 20th Anniversary and we went to the Bothy Restaurant in Fort Augustus.  The very very nice man allowed me in, which is very unusual. So I sat very quiet under the table and just had to watch that my tail didn't get in the way.  Mam and Dad had Haggis and Chicken in White wine cream sauce, and the chef brought me some beef.   It was really nice to be allowed in.

The Bothy where we all had a lovely meal, it says on the sign,  "Dogs Welcome" very nice.

The front garden of the cottage.

We had a lovely time in Fort William, the scenery was lovely, the people where all very friendly we had lovely walks every day, and all too soon it was time to go home.