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3 May 2011


We decided to book a holiday, in the UK. We want to travel round the West Coast of Scotland. 

We have found a lovely cottage where they welcome dogs, this was fairly easy as there are quite a lot of cottages where dogs are welcome, so much to Ben's relief we are going to Fort William to a lovely cottage overlooking the loch

However, once there where we have the problems of finding places we can visit or eat where Ben is going to be welcomed.

When we lived in France we could visit many restaurants and Ben was welcomed and often given a little treat and at least a bowl of water.  He just sits quietly under the table and doesn't bother anyone. 

In the UK there are very few places where dogs are allowed unless they sit outside and its not always warm enough.

I don't see why if they are kept under control and not in any food preparation areas they can't be allowed in.

We have been told that we can go on a loch cruise  they have said Ben is very welcome so we are looking forward to that.

Well we will find out once we get there just where we can and can't visit.