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3 May 2011

May 2011 Walks near our house.

We have been having the most wonderful weather here. Sun sun and more sun with just a few cold breezy days and very little rain. 

Its great as it means we get out a lot more and stay out later as well. Days at the beach and some adventures finding our way around the walks here.

We have managed to find our way round an Art Trail, its between Seaton Delaval and Cramlington. You wouldn't think there was very much land to walk, but once off the main road you could be anywhere in Europe. No cars just trees, fields and other walkers.

This is the Spoon, it has some graffiti on it, but it has "Eat for England" engraved on the handle.

This it the empty cloak, or Capella as it is called.

Both art pieces are located in fields, with no sign posts or explanation.  At first we thought it was a bit silly, but now we quite like visiting them.

Found some water for me to play in, my favourite passtime, yes