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31 Mar 2016

Leg problems Week Four - 31st March 2016

Great news that Ben is doing well on the rest he is getting.

He was recovering so well we decided he could have ten minutes outside for a sniff around the grassed areas nearby.

We kept him on the lead, just in case of passing rabbits or cats, he wouldn't be able to stop himself chasing them.

The walk was less than ten minutes, it was slow and peaceful and he seemed to enjoy it, just a good sniff around and a change of scenery..

Unfortunately back home, about an hour later he was obviously stiff and there were signs of a limp again, but not as bad as previously.

Today we will rest him and see how he gets on.

He is still on a diet, with close watch on treats and nibbles, but he doesn't seem to be losing any weight, a trip to the vet for a weigh in will tell us.