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12 Mar 2016

March 2016, I am nearly 10 years old now.

Last week I got a sudden pain in my back leg, it was so hard to get up and down and just walk around. I just cant understand what the problem is, but it hurts a bit.

I have been to see the vet and she thinks its a ligament.  I was already on some rimadyl for painful joints but now I have tramadol as well.  They seem to be working, but the vet says I must rest and lose a bit of weight.  Mind the tablets make me very dozy, even more dopey and dozy than I was before.  I think its just an age thing.

I know my dinners have been cut down, and there aren't many treats on the go, so I hope I have lost some weight when I go back next week.

We are on the move again as well, Mum and Dad have sold the house and we are going to move closer to the sea, and into a bungalow.  Dad says none of us are not getting any younger and we need to downsize, and no stairs will be just what we need. I haven't seen the house yet, but they tell me it has a lovely big back garden, sounds perfect.