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24 Mar 2016

Leg Problems, March 22nd 2016 pains or ACL / CCL Ligament Injuries

He is still just a big fluffy soft dog to us, with a lovely temperament and a big heart.

We took Ben back to the vet today, he is still limping on and off and struggling to get up at times. He isn't crying or whimpering at all, other than a little squeak comes from him occasionally but he is still keen to go out and loves to see visitors.

We are considering having some x-rays taken. Depending on what they show depends on the next step.  But even X-Rays mean that he must be sedated.

First thing to do is he must lose some weight, to take some of the pressure off the joints.
So those big amber eyes must be ignored.

We are being very strict with his food.  The days treats which are dental sticks and a few biscuits are now placed in a dish, that way we know just what he is taking and we don't give him any extra by mistake.  We are looking at changing his food for something more suitable for his diet and we are going to work with the veterinary nurse at vets4pets to manage his weight.


We have started him on another painkiller, so he is now on increased  Rimidyl and now Nutraquinn both for pain and anti-inflammatory.

We have been talking to other people and looking into all the research we can find on information about lameness in dogs, particularly one Bens size.

They have some very good information to think about before going down the route of surgery.

We have decided to wait at least 8 weeks with total rest, only garden walks.

The kitchen floor is going to be carpeted so that he cant slip and risk doing more damage

He is not allowed upstairs, stairs can cause problems on the way up and the way down.

Ben has settled in ok with this new routine, he is happy to mooch around in the lounge and kitchen and garden.

We are making sure he has plenty of attention and lots of cuddles and massages which can only help.

We just feel guilty about going out for a walk without him.