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28 Jan 2011

Its been a busy noisy week - Jan 27th

This week Dad has been busy in the kitchen, what a mess he has been making. But the mess isn't the problem to me, its the noise of the drill.  He has changed all the kitchen cupboards and taken out a ventilator which was broken.  He says that this weekend I have to be good, and stay out of the way as a plasterer is coming to make the walls nice and smooth.

They have moved my water and dinner dishes into the conservatory so they don't get dust in them. I keep forgetting where they are.

Today Mam and me went along to Nans to get out of the way and to have a chat with Nan for a while.  I like Nan she gives me lots of hugs and tickles. 

We spent an hour there and then we all went for a walk up to the shops, Nan needed some milk.  We met lots of her friends on the way.  It was a nice walk out, the weather was nice and sunny, and it was a nice afternoon for us all.

When we got back Dad had finished most of the work and now the kitchen is all ready for the plasterer tomorrow.  I just hope this is the end of it. I don't like this mess and noise.

24 Jan 2011

Some of my encounters along the way - from 2006 to 2009

Most of this video was taken whilte we lived in Brittany, France.  We had a fairly large garden there, and a lake, so we got all sorts of animals visiting us.  The house was only a few metres from the Canal Nantes - Brest where we had lots of lovely walks. 

The only thing none of us liked was the shooting season, sometimes the shooters would cross our land, even though they weren't supposed to.  Sometimes they were shooting very close to the Canal and the guns were very loud.

Video Memories from 8 weeks to 3 years.

These are short clips of videos, put together from when I was 8 weeks old.

20 Jan 2011


Today we had a special event.  A new member of our family, I haven't met him yet.  I am told I have to wait until he has had all his injections.

This is Buddy, he is Auntie Kathrine and Uncle Chris's new Chocolate Labrador.  He looks lovely and I am really looking forward to meeting him.

Dad says he is only a few inches tall, but will soon grow to be as big as me.  I hope he doesn't grow any bigger than me, and I think Auntie Kathrine thinks the same.

Uncle Chris is one of my favourite Uncles, he calls me Slinky, I don't know why, Mum says its because I have a wiggly bottom.  Uncle Chris always gives me lots of treats and tickles when I see him. 

Well I am looking forward to having lots of walks on the beach with them all.  And it will be great fun to have  Buddy to play with.

They say that at the moment, Buddy just wants to sleep as he is just a baby, all his growing is making him tired.  Poor Buddy.

Hurry up Buddy and get some energy so we can run along Tynemouth beach together. I can teach you to swim as well.  I can't wait.

16 Jan 2011

Sunday 16th January 2011 A WINDY DAY

Its a dry day today, a bit cloudy but quite mild, just the way I like it. The only thing about today that I don't like is the wind, and it's howling and blowing quite a bit.

I am still not quite back to normal after my sickness last week, Mum and Dad are talking about me going to the vet if I am still not good next week. I am not desperately ill, I am eating, and greeding, but still not 100% (I won't tell you gory the details, but apparently I smell a bit).

Anyway, as I was saying, its a windy day, the doors in the house keep rattling and I just do not like this. Mum has the kitchen window open and I think this is what is making the doors rattle. Each time I hear a banging of the doors I snuggle up close to Mum or Dad. I am not really a coward, but I just don't understand why it happens. I don't like noises like this, its like the fireworks and the shooting, I get really scared at these noises. It reminds me of Normandy and the drums and brass band.

Last night in the garden it was very dark, and the wind was blowing very hard, this really scared me. It blew my fur all over and I ran back into the house, its just hard to think that one day its lovely outside and next there is this horrible blowing and noises.

Well I think we are off for a long walk this morning. Mum and Dad have been changing the kitchen round all week and have decided to have a day off and get outside for some fresh air.

Just hope the wind stops soon.

Saturday 15th January I WAS SO SAD, NO POPPY

My Auntie Jen is up visting Nan, she drove up from Lincoln.  When I heard she was coming along I thought great, I can play with Poppy, but I was so disapointed. Jen had come alone and Poppy and Sam had been left at home with Uncle Dick.

Anyway it was nice to see her, and she gave me some dog biscuits she had in her pocket. 

Uncle Nick and Morgan also called in.  Morgan is getting bigger now, he is also getting smart.  He manages to stop me pinching his snacks.  He has learnt to say NO to me and squeezes his hands tight to stop me getting the biscuits.

Oh well I will just have to think of another way to get him to part with his treats.  He is good fun to play with though, he chases me round the table.

15 Jan 2011


Well the snow has gone and the weather is getting much warmer. Mum and Dad hope it's going to stay like this for some time.  I am not so worried as I like the snow, but I also like the dry clear days when we can go onto the beach at Seaton Sluice and that's when I have lots of fun with all the other dogs.

We were going to go to the beach last weekend, but in the middle of the night I suddenly felt pretty ill.  I woke Mam up and she stroked my head and ears. That normally makes me feel good, but this time it didn't. I had never felt like this before, my mouth was all watery and I had to keep licking my lips and little whimpers kept coming from my mouth.

I really felt poorly, and Mum realised that something was very wrong.  She took me downstairs and let me outside for some fresh air.  I wandered round the garden and the cool night air did make me feel a little better.  We sat in the kitchen for a while and I had a little drink of water.  After a while Mum said we should go back to bed.  I followed her upstairs and lay down at the side of the bed. 

I managed to get some sleep. But I don't think I had been asleep very long when I started to feel very strange again, and I was very sick.  I felt pretty bad about it as I made such a mess on the bedroom floor.  Mum took me outside while Dad cleared up the mess.  I had another nice drink and the fresh air made me feel much better. 

We all sat together in the kitchen, Mum and Dad had a cup of tea while they stroked my head and soon I did feel a lot better. 

I heard Mum and Dad talking about what could have made me so ill.  They seem to think it had been something that I have found outside and eaten.  I can't think why as when I find things outside they normally taste quite nice, and anyway it is the first time I have been poorly like this.

I will keep a close watch in future, and Mum and Dad say they are going to tell me off if they see me eating things, and they may even have to keep me on the lead when we are outside.  I can't have that I love running around off the lead.

We never did get to the beach last week, as a day or so later it was raining and too wet to go on the beach.  Never mind I am sure we will go soon.

3 Jan 2011

NEW YEAR December 2010 January 2011

Gosh we have had a busy couple of weeks.  Nan was here for Christmas and stayed for a while but she had to go home. 

We had lots of visitors for coffees, or dinners and we had a lot of fun.  We had a couple of walks along the sea front and a run on the sand dunes.  It was cold but nice.  I wasn't allowed in the sea, it was too rough.

New Year came round pretty quickly.  Auntie Sarah and Uncle Mike came down and brought Connor and their new dog called Sky. 

Sky is a 14 week old Great Dane.  Before they came I heard mam say she must keep the benches clear as she would probably be able to reach everything.  I thought this was a little odd, I can't reach the benches and I am nearly 5 years old.

When she did arrive I was quite bemused, she was only little. Smaller than me anyway.  But they say she will be very big soon.

She came bouncing in like a little whirlwind.

We had a lovely afternoon and evening.  We went along the Dene with Sky, she hasn't been out much as she is very young and has been waiting for her inoculations. 

She has lots of energy even after a long walk when I prefer a sleep, she keeps going. I tried to hide from her, but she struggled along the back of the settee and sneaked up behind me, what a tinker she is.

She managed to take my place on the settee.

We had a good time together, she is a nice dog and I am sure she will be a little  less tiresome to me when she returns.  I know how Sam feels now when Poppy and me play.

Connor played with me a lot, he is growing up now, he will be 7 years old this year.  He told us all about his Christmas presents, and the snow they have in Scotland. 

Poor Connor fell down on the ice when we where out walking, but he is alright, no major injuries.  He is in this picture reading our blog page.

Well Christmas and New Year is over now, and the decorations are back in the boxes till next year.  I am looking forward to a good 2011, this year I will be five years old in April.

Christmas December 2010

December 2010 it has been a very snowy white winter up to now.  When the snow is on the ground its very pretty and bright. I also think it seems very quiet. We go out every morning and night, even in the snow we have our regular walks. 

I have met a new friend called Jake, he lives along the lane next to the Dene and he is one of my best buddies

Then came Christmas, I love this time of year its a lovely busy and bustling time, with lots of things going on. The postman delivered to the house more often with all the cards and parcels. This means I bark at the window more often, unfortunately that means I got into trouble more often. I don't mean to upset him, but he always manages to creep up on me when I am asleep in front of the window.

I knew Christmas was very close when the Christmas tree came out of the cupboard and was set up in the corner of the room. Then the lights came out, and that's when the trouble started.  The first set just wouldn't work.  The next set was the same, then Dad found another set which looked OK, but had French plugs on.  French plugs only have two pins on them so they are not much good in the UK.  Dad found some English plugs and changed them and soon the tree was all finished and looking pretty good.

The week before Christmas Nan came to stay, her central heating kept going off and she was getting fed up with it.  She was due to come for Christmas anyway so she just came early.  I like Nan as she spends a lot of time stroking me and playing with me, and she lets me lay beside her on the settee.

On Christmas morning the house smelt delicious, I spent most of the morning in the kitchen.   
I got a lovely new chew bone from Dads' Sister, its really nice.  I couldn't find anywhere to hide it though.

Uncle Nick and Auntie Kelly came with Bethany and Morgan.  Morgan was straight under the tree to see what the parcels where.  He soon had them open, and it wasn't long before there where toys all over the floor again.  We had a lovely Christmas dinner, the turkey I managed to scrounge was just perfect.

Bethany and Nick set up the WII  game on the television and we all had fun watching her doing all sorts of things with it, and then some of us tried to copy her.

That night after Nick and Kelly, Bethany and Morgan had gone home, Nan, Dad, Mam and me had a quiet evening in front of the telly. 
Yes I do like Christmas.

December 10th 2010 SAM AND POPPY COME TO VISIT

I could not believe my eyes, there in the front garden was Sam and Poppy, it seemed like ages since I had seen them.  I must have forgotten they where coming, or perhaps no one told me but there they where.  They had come to take Ollie on the train to see Santa.

Ollie and Santa

The Santa Express in North Shields

I should explain who Ollie is. Ollie is my Auntie Jens grandson, he is only three and such a cutie.  I like children, they always give me tickles or spare biscuits.  And, I have managed to train them all to understand. That when I sit in the kitchen and look at the cupboard with big sad eyes, they go into the cupboard and get me a chew stick.  Works every time.

We had some fun in the snow that weekend.  Poppy, Sam and me we all walked up the Dene each morning and night and had some great fun getting pretty muddy. So muddy that we had to be washed in the garage before we could get into the house.

Sadly it was only a short visit but we did have some fun while they where here. I am so looking forward to seeing them soon.